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Before and (sort of) After Photos

I am mostly settled into maintaining at the weight I am at now, which is 100 pounds lighter than when I started. It looks like I may settle a little lower than that, and the plastic surgeries I will be having will take some more weight off–in the form of all that extra skin–so I don’t know what my final weight will be. It is also hard to know what my body will look like once all that skin is gone…there is a lot of it. However, I posted this picture a few weeks ago on Facebook and realized that I haven’t posted it here yet. So (drumroll please!) here’s my Before and (sort of) After Photo:

Before and After 100 Pound Loss

Before and After 100 Pound Loss


Progress Photos

I realized I haven’t posted any photos of myself on here yet. So, here I am back before I started, in July 2011.


And here I am now, almost 80 pounds lighter.