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Jogging After Couch to 5K and Bounty From the Garden

Took my first jog today after finishing the Couch to 5K program. I hadn’t jogged in about a week because of the camping trip, so I was a bit worried, but I was able to finish the 3 mile jog, and even went a little faster than last time. It was surprisingly nice to jog without someone telling me how much time had passed. I just used MapMyRun to tell me the distance I had jogged, and listened to my own playlist. It was very challenging since it had been awhile since my last jog, but most of the jog I felt pretty good. I am going to try to continue jogging 2 to 3 times per week. I do need to get new shoes, I think mine are starting to wear out. I felt the first bits of pain in my legs and feet that I’ve felt since starting all of this. I’m planning to go to the running store tomorrow and get fitted for a new pair.

I made an amazing pasta sauce tonight, straight from the garden. I have 3 different types of paste (i.e., plum or Roma type) tomatoes in the garden (they are on the right hand side in the photo), and used a few from each type. Also summer squash and basil from the garden, and peppers and spinach from our farm share. Also some onion and garlic, of course. The sauce didn’t photograph well, but here’s a beautiful photo of some of the bounty I have been harvesting lately. I love having a veggie garden, it’s good for my kids to see where food comes from, good for me to get my meditative garden time, and good for the whole family to be eating all of these fresh, delicious vegetables!