Weekly Healthy Habit #1: Become Mindful About Your Eating

This week, don’t try to make any changes in what you are eating.  Just start spending more time thinking about the food you put into your body. Before you eat a meal, have a snack, even drink something, think about why you want it: are you hungry? bored? upset about something? Think about what is in that food or drink, and what it might be doing for or to your health.  When you are eating, think about how the food tastes, and the texture. Think about the preparation of the food, did you cook it yourself? If you are at a restaurant, how do you think it was prepared? From the flavors you are tasting, see if you can identify some of the ingredients. If it is something you bought at a store, look at the ingredients list and nutrition facts. Try to spend at least part of each meal quietly eating, without being distracted by electronics or conversation. Try to slow down and really enjoy each bite (something I need to work on myself).

During this week I’ll be posting articles and resources about mindful eating, and ways to improve your mindfulness about your eating habits.


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