First Surgery is Scheduled!

As I’ve mentioned here before, I have a lot of loose skin left from losing 100 pounds. My skin was stretched out for a very long time–pretty much my entire life–and I’m at the age where it is not going to return to where it should be on its own. So, I will need a few surgeries in order to remove loose skin from my stomach, arms, thighs…and don’t get me started on my boobs. They are just sad deflated balloons.

I found a plastic surgeon I really like, and my first surgery is scheduled for October 15! This surgery will be a tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) and a breast lift (Bilateral Mastopexy) and augmentation. Last week I got to pick out my new boobs. That was rather surreal; I wore a stretchy bra to the appointment, and the surgeon put one implant into one side, and a slightly larger one in the other. Then it was like an eye exam, “which one is better, the left or the right?” First he went up in sizes, from pretty small all the way to what he called “ridiculous.” The large implants made me look heavier, and felt fairly unwieldy, I can definitely understand why women get breast reduction surgery. On the way up in size, I was leaning towards going pretty small, I guess because I am small right now. However, on the way back down, the ones that looked best to me were sort of medium-sized, around a C cup probably. Apparently that is why he does it this way, it is only on the way back down in size that you can get a really realistic view of which size will work best for you. I hadn’t realized until I was there what a monumental decision it was, these are the breasts I will have for the rest of my life. Very strange to be able to choose that.

I am nervous, but more about the recovery period than the surgery itself. I am also anxious about how long it will take for me to get back to my regular exercise routine, which I have come to really enjoy. It is outpatient surgery, so that’s a little scary. My parents are thankfully coming out to help with the kids and the driving. My wonderful, supportive husband is working from home all next week to help out. Even with the feelings of anxiety and nervousness, I feel ready, and very excited, to take this next step in my journey! I will keep everyone updated on my progress.


One response to “First Surgery is Scheduled!

  1. I love you my sis….and I am sure everything will go well! You are in my prayers and thoughts. Big hug.s

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