Simple Farmers Market Grilled Dinner

Cooking dinner does not need to be complicated. Most nights of the week, we eat a pretty simple meal of grilled meat, veggies, and some kind of complex carbohydrate. Usually we only season with olive oil, salt, and pepper. It is nice to actually taste the natural flavors of the food.

On a day I get to the farmers market, this is a pretty typical meal. I go to the fish stand and get something local–salmon today–and this time of year we have corn every week. We don’t eat corn unless it comes from the farmers market, it’s just not worth it. I just wrap the corn in aluminum foil, and grill it over medium for about 15-20 minutes, turning often.

We also have some kind of grilled veggie, today it was broccoli. For both broccoli and green beans, I cut them up, wrap in aluminum foil with olive oil, salt, and 1/4 cup of water. Grill over high heat for 5-7 minutes, then on a grill pan for a few minutes.


Usually, the easiest way to cook fish with the skin on is over indirect heat on the grill, skin side down, until cooked through. My husband has some great technique for flipping fish, but he’s out of town so I did my best. Came out great even with my less developed grilling skills. I also had some heirloom tomatoes from the farmers market, and cherry tomatoes from our garden. Easy, fast, and delicious dinner!



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