Whole Wheat Pizza with Lots of Veggies

Just because you are trying to eat healthier doesn’t mean you need to give up any of your favorite foods. You just need to work on creating healthier versions.

Not that pizza is one of my favorite foods, but it is one of my husband’s favorite foods, so that made it a priority to figure out how to make it as healthy as possible.

First, I found a great recipe for a Whole Wheat Pizza Dough from 100 Days of Real Food. I made it in my stand mixer with the dough hook, then oiled the mixer’s bowl and let it rise for an hour on the counter covered with plastic wrap. You can make this well ahead of dinnertime, and just let it rise in the refrigerator instead.


I had a huge bunch of basil from our Live Earth Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box, so I made a batch of Basic Basil Pesto from Eating Well. We used some of this on the pizza, and the rest I put into ice cube trays and froze for later use. Take care, this pesto oxidizes and turns dark pretty quickly when exposed to the air.20130711-204156.jpg

I made a quick pizza sauce as well:

  1.  Use an immersion blender in a 28 oz can of whole tomatoes to puree (or put tomatoes in a blender)
  2. Sautee a few garlic cloves in olive oil in a saucepan
  3. Add tomatoes and cook down until desired consistency. Add salt to taste.

My kids had the typical plain cheese, and cheese and pepperoni pizzas. I served them some raw veggies to eat along with it. I roll our dough out very thin, both because I love thin crust pizza, and also so I can fit more veggies on it. I topped half my pizza with pesto, a little goat cheese, anchovies, and tomato, and the other half with tomato sauce, a little mozzarella, anchovies (what can I say, I love them), spinach, and tomato. My husband heated a pizza stone on the grill, and we grilled them fairly quickly, about 5 minutes each, until the cheese was melted and the crust was crispy. It was like a salad on a pizza, just the way I like it!



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