Pumping Iron! Or – I’m Sick of Potatoes!

My husband blogged about how to grill up polenta. So yummy!


I’ve been thinking about posts since the last one in February but two things have stopped me. The first is the age-old excuse of just being too darn busy. The second, though, is that I’d been in a bit of a rut, grilling the same old things over and over again. I credit my wife for inspiring me to start experimenting again.

I love potatoes, standard Yukon golds, fingerlings, baby colored, and even the good ole russets all grill fantastically whether you roll them around for an hour or cut them into steak fries and toss them with chili powder. When I get bored with potatoes I switch to sweet potatoes which I may even love more. Grilled over indirect heat until they nearly explode they are sweet and tasty and nearly bullet proof. I’ll admit, now, though, that after I’ve grilled potatoes and sweet potatoes for months I dream…

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