Zucchini “Spaghetti”

Today was still a bit rainy–though it actually became surprisingly warm by the time I had to cook, but I was committed at that point–so I made a turkey sausage tomato sauce with tons of veggies. It was similar to this one, though I changed the process a bit. I will try to document it next time and post the changes.

Usually when we have pasta sauce in the winter I have spaghetti squash instead of most or all of the pasta. What to do in the summer? Zucchini “spaghetti”! I first read about this in Clean Eating Magazine, and I really love it…maybe even more than spaghetti squash. I bought a spiral slicer from Amazon–rather expensive for a simple little device, but it does work great. It slices the zucchini into these perfect spaghetti-like ribbons. I made some whole wheat spaghetti for my husband and the kids, and I had a little bit of that and a lot of the zucchini “spaghetti”. By the way, if you have been hunting for a good tasting whole wheat spaghetti, we really like bionaturae (I picked it up at Whole Foods), which is the top rated whole wheat pasta by Cook’s Illustrated Magazine.



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