Healthy Lifestyle Tip #3A: Consider Buying a Pedometer

My husband read yesterday’s Healthy Lifestyle Tip, and pointed out that I didn’t mention wearing a pedometer as part of your effort to move more. I thought that wearing a pedometer should have its own post, but he was right in that it does fall under the same heading of moving more, hence the “3A”.

I wear a Fitbit, and I try to get at least 10,000 steps every day. I find wearing the Fitbit highly motivating in my efforts to move more, as simple things like parking farther away from the store, doing the laundry, or going for a few short walks throughout the day can build on your total steps. I find it really helps to have the feedback wearing a pedometer provides. Besides just the step count, it shows how many stairs you have climbed, and the website can show you how much of your day has been active vs sedentary. If you are a social person, you can “friend” other Fitbit users, and compare your step counts, or compete if that helps your motivation.

Sorry for sounding a bit like an advertisement there. I swear I am not in any way compensated by the makers of Fitbit. There are many choices of pedometers out there, from simple to sophisticated, choose the one that looks best to you. You might be surprised how much wearing one can motivate you to start moving more.


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