Healthy Lifestyle Tip #2: Use Smaller Plates

This was one of the first things I did when I started this journey. When you use smaller plates–and bowls too–you will generally serve yourself less food, and the appropriate portion sizes don’t look sadly small like they might on a larger plate. I recommend that after eating that first serving of food, you pause for a bit and decide if you really need to have more. If you are trying to control how much food you are eating, consider leaving most of the food in the kitchen so that getting more food takes a bit of effort beyond just spooning it onto your plate. Usually in our house only the vegetables go on the table. If there is extra pasta, rice, meat, etc. it stays in the kitchen.


3 responses to “Healthy Lifestyle Tip #2: Use Smaller Plates

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  2. Wow, someone I actually have met who lost 100lbs. awesome Ruth
    and you got some really great hip movements.
    The Hawaiian guy behind you with two left feet in Wed. morning Zumba class. Hope by watching you, I’ll get better.


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