Grilled Sausage, Polenta, Summer Squash and Carrots

All summer long, we have as many meals from the grill as possible. It doesn’t heat up the house, and is one of the healthiest methods of cooking. Tonight’s dinner, while being a bit more processed than our usual fare, was a delicious, fast, and easy example of a meal made entirely on the grill.


I peeled and sliced some carrots, then wrapped them in a foil pouch with a bit of olive oil and salt. My husband put those on the grill first, I’d say they roasted in the pouch for about 30 minutes total, while we were prepping and grilling the other food. I then sliced a variety of summer squash, some from the farmer’s market and some from my garden. I also sliced up a tube of organic polenta from Trader Joe’s. I sprayed the slices of squash and polenta with olive oil, and sprinkled with kosher salt and pepper. My husband cooked the squash directly on the grates, and the polenta in a cast iron skillet set over a very hot section of the grill until it was brown and crispy.


He then cooked up some chicken sausage I had purchased at the farmer’s market. I defrosted some veggie tomato sauce I had cooked in the crock pot last month to serve over the polenta, and dinner was done!


2 responses to “Grilled Sausage, Polenta, Summer Squash and Carrots

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