Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

Is It a Plateau? Nope, It’s Just May

I haven’t posted in a long time, mostly because it is the end of the school year and life is super busy. Also, not much has changed…I just keep on keeping on. Still going to the gym almost every day, still eating lots and lots of veggies. The other thing that hasn’t changed much in the last month is my weight. I have stayed within 5 pounds of that 100-pounds-lost target for awhile now. Would this be called a plateau?

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t. I think a plateau would be when your weight doesn’t changed for an unknown reason. The reason for this current standstill is pretty clear. So far this month, I’ve gone to Las Vegas for 4 days with a group of girlfriends (so FUN!), and celebrated my wedding anniversary, Mother’s Day, and my birthday. All with dinner out–and booze. Honestly, I’m just happy my weight has been relatively stable.

What I am especially happy about is that even though my weight hasn’t done much, my body fat % continues to drop. Honestly, I feel like I am probably at about the weight I am supposed to be, and that continuing to tone my body is going to be of the most benefit. If I wasn’t SO CLOSE to having lost 100 POUNDS I would just be going into maintenance right now. My body fat % is well within the normal range (averaging about 26%), my pulse is in the range for athletes (in the 50’s), and my blood pressure is good. Except for the extra skin, I’m pretty happy (most of the time) with how I look now.

At one point I was getting a little frustrated at my lack of progress this month, so I looked up some information on losing the last 10 pounds. I found an interesting article by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, who runs the blog Weighty Matters. In the article, he talks about how if you sacrifice and “diet” to lose the last 10 pounds, and make changes you can’t maintain, they’ll just come right back on. It was a good reminder, as this has been my philosophy through all the changes I’ve made. I am eating and living in a way I know I can maintain forever. My smaller body takes a lot less calories to maintain, and if I drop too much lower it may be less calories than I am comfortable eating. I need to just keep on keeping on. I want to go ahead and drop the rest to get to 100 pounds lost, just because that would be cool. However, I need to constantly remind myself that there is no rush getting there. Now that the celebrations of May are past, perhaps the weight will start slowly dropping again. Stay tuned!