Whole Wheat Flatbread on the Grill, and over 90 Pounds Lost

Wow, I haven’t written in a while. I’ve had a lot to say, but been too busy to write. Which I see as a good thing for my life in general, but I do miss keeping up with the blog.

First things first–actually most recent things first–I was struggling with a carb to have with dinner tonight. It was warm here today, and so I wanted most of the dinner to be on the grill. I didn’t feel like doing potatoes, and we are already planning on sweet potatoes for Sunday. I thought bread would be nice, but I have started making my own bread–in my ongoing quest to get off of most processed foods–so I didn’t want to buy any, and I didn’t have any made, or time to cook a yeasted bread. So, I looked online for a whole wheat flatbread, thinking I could probably put it right on the grill like we do with pizza dough. I found this recipe on Sparkpeople, and made it with white whole wheat flour, and used garlic and rosemary instead of the parsley. I cooked it right on the hot and oiled grill grates. It was fantastic! Easy to make, a bit chewy, with a little tartness from the yogurt. We’ll be making this a lot over the summer.



In other news, last week I reached 90 pounds lost, and have now lost about 93 pounds so far! I am only about 12 pounds from my original goal, and I am still losing weight, at least a pound a week, without logging my calories.  I feel like at this point I am cruising into my goal, taking it fairly slow, and getting a handle on what maintenance should be like. I am just eating in a way that feels pretty natural now. Eating as close to nature as possible, lots of veggies, about 2-3 servings of fruit, lean proteins in reasonable portions, and keeping my carbs largely natural or minimally processed, and reasonable portions of those as well. The only thing I let myself eat without any restrictions is veggies. I say that eating this way feels natural, and it does, but it isn’t without thought. Thoughtless eating is what got me where I was, so I won’t be doing that again.


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