Very Veggie Pasta Sauce


Last week I received some canned whole tomatoes from our farm share, so tonight I made a pasta sauce with turkey sausage and lots and lots of veggies. It came out delicious, and everyone in the family enjoyed it, even the kids.

I started by cooking up bulk turkey sausage (if you have a butcher counter at your store, you can ask them to remove it from its casing for you) in some olive oil, and breaking it up into smaller pieces, then moving that to a bowl when it was mostly but not completely cooked through. I chose not to use non-stick, so that I would have the fond at the bottom of the pan to add flavor. However, you could use non-stick and use less oil, but you would lose some flavor as a result.20130124-215648.jpg


Then I added a bit more olive oil to the pan, and cooked up some mushrooms and orange bell pepper. You could cook up any number of different veggies at this point.20130124-215703.jpg


I put the mushroom and peppers in the bowl with the sausage, a little more olive oil in the pan, then I cooked up some chopped onion and carrots–this was one onion, and 3 smallish carrots. I sautéed them for awhile, until they were pretty soft, then added about 4 cloves of garlic put through a garlic press.20130124-215717.jpg


I added the whole canned tomatoes, and let it all cook for a couple of minutes, then got out the immersion blender (aka, boat motor) and blended it until it was fairly smooth. Be careful at this step, that you don’t splatter yourself with hot tomato sauce. Trust me on this.20130124-215729.jpg


I let the sauce cook for flavors to blend for about 5 minutes, then added back the sausage, mushrooms, and peppers, and heated them through. Then I added baby spinach (about half a 5 oz. bag) a handful at time, mixing it in until wilted.20130124-215740.jpg


Salt and pepper to taste, and we had a delicious, colorful, pasta sauce.20130124-215753.jpg


Kids had theirs over whole wheat pasta, but I had mine over spaghetti squash. I cut it in half, sprayed it with olive oil spray, sprinkled with salt and pepper, than roasted for about 45 minutes (while preparing the sauce) in a 400 degree oven. Then I used a fork to remove the squash from its skin. 20130124-215802.jpg


So good, nutritious, and low calorie with the spaghetti squash! I’ll be doing this one again with many different veggies, I’m sure.20130124-215813.jpg


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