Keeping a Food Journal

I was reading my old posts, and was reminded that when I first started, I had a rather blasé attitude towards keeping a food journal. I think later posts have made it pretty clear how valuable I feel keeping a food journal can be, but just in case I wanted to reiterate it now. I have had a lot of people come up to me asking about how I have been so successful, and the first thing I always do is suggest that they get MyFitnessPal, and start logging what they eat. Not only does it make you accountable for all those little snacks you might be sneaking in the kitchen as you are cooking dinner (or was that just me?), but you might be surprised how many calories are in something you are about to eat. For example, almonds are very very good for you, however, if you are logging them you will notice that a serving, which is about 24 almonds, has 163 calories.

Logging my food has made me more aware of everything that I eat, and has led me to much more mindful snacking. I’ll still have the almonds, though usually in the form of almond butter with an apple (yum!), however, I make sure that I have the calories to spare that day. Even when they are healthy calories, they can still lead to extra pounds if you have too many of them.

So, if you are trying to lose a lot of weight, or even a little, I would recommend logging your food, at least for a while. Even if you know what you are doing wrong (snacking in the evening in front of the TV? I did that too…) if you have to write it down, it might convince you not to do it anymore. Or at least to take a single serving of that snack in a bowl instead of grabbing the whole bag.


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