Hooray! I’m Overweight!

Today is the first day I stepped on the scale, and I am no longer in the “Obese” range on the BMI scale. I have been a few pounds from this goal for a few weeks; with traveling, a cold, and the holidays, weight loss has been slow. This week I lost nearly 2 pounds. I never thought I’d be so happy to declare it, but I am Overweight! Hooray!

Less than 30 pounds to get to my initial goal of 135. That is the top of the healthy range on the BMI scale, but the closer I get to that goal, the more convinced I am that I won’t be stopping there. I feel like there is more than 30 pounds left to lose on my hips and thighs.

I had another milestone yesterday. I went to the outlet mall with my step-mom and my daughter. In years past, I have gone shopping with my step-mom, my step-sister, and other women in our family. I have mostly been an observer as they shopped together, helping each other pick out outfits to try on, and giving thumbs up or down to various choices. Yesterday, we went to my step-mother’s favorite store (Chico’s) and she helped me pick out clothes, and helped accessorize the things I chose. It may sound like a little thing, but it was amazing to go into the store and know that there would be clothes that would fit me and look good. Chico’s sizes go from 0 to 3, and I am now in a 2, so not even the top of the sizes anymore. To have my step-mom look at me in different outfits and declare how great I looked…I can’t even describe it. It made me cry (slightly embarrassing) tears of joy.

In a side note, the outlets we went to were the new Paragon Outlets in Livermore. Great outlet stores; if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area I would recommend them over the outlets in Gilroy. I felt they were easier to get to, and better laid out. They even had a pretty healthy salad place in the food court.


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