What’s Stopping You?

I was thinking lately about the fact that I am 44 years old, and have finally gotten around to getting healthy. Why did I wait so long? Then I remembered all the “reasons” I had for why I wasn’t going to start exercising or eating better.

1) I believed that I really hated exercise. I thought that some people liked it (those crazy people), but not me. What I hated though were some forms of exercise. I hate treadmills, ellipticals, and weight machines. I absolutely love to dance, and always have. Back in March, I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed BodyPump and Cardio Kickboxing (tried that recently, very fun!), I had to get my endurance up a bit before attempting those. Zumba was the start for me, on my Xbox in my living room. I slowly increased my cardio endurance until I was ready to hit the gym and try other things. If a hatred of exercise is what is stopping you, I suggest trying lots of different kinds of exercises, until you find something you like and will continue doing. Start very easy and build up slowly.

2) I believed I already ate healthy, and since I continued to be overweight that must just be the way I was supposed to be. I almost convinced myself of this. Almost. I would hear about all of the unhealthy things I shouldn’t be eating or drinking, like fast food, and soft drinks, and I never ate or drank those things. I ate lots of vegetables, and I was still overweight. The thing was, I also ate a lot of pasta and bread, I used a lot of mayonaise and butter. I just ate a lot more calories than my body needed.

3) I thought that if I changed how I was eating to lose weight, I’d be hungry all the time. I thought I would have to “diet” and end up hungry and deprived most of the time. However, I never go hungry. I just choose healthy foods–mostly vegetables, some lean protein–when I am hungry, and fill my plate with lots of vegetables at meal times. If I am hungry between meals, I grab a snack. Most often it is a piece of fruit, or some vegetables and lean protein like cottage cheese or greek yogurt.

4) I believed I didn’t have time for exercise. I started on a lot of exercise routines, and always let other things become excuses for why I couldn’t continue. I always got “too busy”. I finally realized that my health has to be among my top priorities. My taking the time to get healthy may sometimes take some time away from my kids, but the time with the kids is so much better now that I have the energy to really play with them. I am lucky, since I don’t have a full time job (outside of being a mom, that is) and I know it is much harder to make the time for exercise when you work 8-9 hours a day or more. However, your health and well-being has to be worth finding a way to make the time.

So, what’s your reason? If you know you want to live a healthier life but haven’t started yet, what’s stopping you?


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