Tilapia with Garlic Lover’s Rub


We had a great dinner tonight, made with Garlic Lover’s Rub from EatingWell.com. I used the rub to coat tilapia filets, but I will definitely be trying it on other meats, like chicken breasts, in the future. I used whole grain dijon mustard instead of the stone ground in the recipe, I’m not sure how that might have affected the taste, but it was great.

I coated the tilapia filets with the rub, then started some Israeli couscous. The way I make Israeli couscous is to first lightly sauté an onion in some olive oil, then add the couscous and toast that up just a little. I used a mix of whole wheat and regular couscous. Then I add twice as much chicken broth as couscous (so tonight I made 2 cups of couscous and 4 cups of chicken broth). This is more liquid than the recipes usually call for, but my kids like how tender the couscous turns out. I cover the pan, and simmer it for about 20 minutes, or until all of the liquid is absorbed. Of course, as with all starches, portion control is important with Israeli couscous.

I cooked the tilapia very quickly over medium high heat in a little olive oil in a nonstick skillet. After the tilapia was finished, I left all the bits of garlic and spices in the skillet, and added some broccoli and romanesco cauliflower to the pan. I put in a little water (about 1/4 cup) and covered the veggies for a few minutes, until just tender. Then I removed the cover and cooked off any remaining water. I had a little of the rub left, so I added that to the pan, and cooked the veggies for another minute. It was very tasty, and will definitely be added to our repertoire of recipes.



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