Over 70 Pounds Lost, and a Couple of Great Podcasts

I’ve now lost over 70 pounds, and have less than 35 left to get to my first goal. I’m not sure if that is my final goal, however. It is at the very top of the healthy BMI range. Depending on how I look when I get there, I would probably rather get to somewhere in the middle of the BMI range so I don’t have to worry about gaining 1 or 2 pounds and being back out of the healthy range.

I have recently found a couple of really great podcasts. They are both free on iTunes, though you do have to listen to some short ads in the podcast. They are part of the Quick and Dirty Tips series, so they are each very short, but full of good information. The first, and my favorite, is the Nutrition Diva. She is full of great, practical nutrition information. She had a recent episode, “How To Lose Weight Without Dieting”, which is a great summary of the philosophy I have had throughout my lifestyle changes. The other podcast is the Get-Fit Guy. He has great exercise advice, and one of his podcasts I listened to recently, “7 Ways to Burn Calories By Standing More”, explains why I haven’t been as good about updating this blog recently. I have been making a serious effort on making the lifestyle change of sitting a lot less. On the positive side, my house is starting to get a lot cleaner and more organized. On the negative side, I am not writing as much in my blog. I am going to try to find the time to at least sit down and update the blog more often, as it is good for my motivation, and hopefully helping others as well. In the future, I may find a way to set up a standing workstation at home.


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