I Love to Exercise! (How Crazy is That?)

Seriously, I used to listen to these people who claimed that they liked to exercise and thought they were nuts. Who would want to huff and puff, and yuk! all that sweat! How could anyone think that was a good time?

Now I have become one of those crazy people. It all started with Zumba. That was my gateway exercise. I still love Zumba, I take a class anywhere from 2 to 3 times per week, and would go more often if I could find classes that fit my schedule. Definitely still my favorite. I also take a couple of dance aerobic classes, which are more choreographed and have a bigger learning curve–and not as much hip shaking. Also fun, but not as fun as Zumba. I now also love BodyPump, a crazy body sculpting class where you work out with a barbell, doing about 800 repetitions in a 60 minute class. By the end, my whole body feels like jello, but I am so proud and feel so accomplished every time. If I can ever get it to fit my schedule, I also want to try the cardio kickboxing class. That one sounds like it could be fun.

There is still some exercise I dislike. I don’t think I will ever enjoy jogging. I really don’t like any of the machines at the gym, not the cardio ones, and not the weight ones either. For the most part, I don’t do the things I don’t enjoy. There are plenty of things I do enjoy doing–the group classes and hiking with friends–so why do the things I don’t think are fun? One of my friends wants me to try a group cycling class with her, but that one doesn’t sound much fun to me either.

We just went on a quick vacation, and I did use the elliptical machine in the hotel each morning. Mostly that was because I now just feel better if I have gotten some exercise, so it was worth 30 boring minutes on the machine to feel better the rest of the day.

Somebody asked me how I was feeling after losing so much weight. I said that of course I feel wonderful. How could you exercise every day and not feel great? I really think that is true. The amount of energy and just general sense of well being I have gained through regular exercise is simply amazing.

So, if you are one of the people (as I used to be) who thinks I am crazy, maybe just start with some small exercise that you think is really fun, like a dance class, taking a walk with friends, or kickboxing at the gym. Maybe it could be your gateway exercise to becoming crazy like me.


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