Zumba Fitness Core

Zumba Fitness Core for Xbox Kinect was released this week, and I’ve played it a couple of times. It is hard to judge it yet, since I am now back in the process of learning the dances. I definitely found the Zumba Fitness Rush game more enjoyable once I learned all the dances, until then it can be occasionally frustrating. I will post a new review once I’ve learned the dances better, but my preliminary feeling is that it should be a lot of fun.

Zumba Fitness Core focuses on strengthening your core. Just like Zumba Fitness Rush, it has short, medium, and long classes, and easy, moderate, and intense levels. So far I’ve done only the long, moderate classes. You can also choose whether you want cardio, core work, or a combination. I’ve only done the classes that are a combination.

The graphics seem even a little better than the previous game. The classes now tell you the length of each individual class, which is very nice for planning purposes. The dances are very challenging, which is fun–but as I said, can be a bit frustrating at the beginning. I’ll stick with it just like I did the previous game, and my guess is that the enjoyment will increase as I get better at the dances. I’ll post an updated review in a few weeks.


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