Tofu with Thai Curry Sauce from

Decided to try out a tofu dish for Meatless Monday today. Picked another recipe from the Eating Well website, since those have been working well. Tonight’s was Tofu with Thai Curry Sauce. I have to say that even though I’ve been enjoying the recipes from Eating Well, they have all needed some tweaking. I’m okay with that, since I like playing with recipes and making them my own, however it might turn other people off.

The recipe tonight called for just spinach and red pepper as the vegetables. First of all, my husband doesn’t like red pepper. Secondly, I had a bunch of other vegetables in my fridge and in my garden. And third, that just didn’t seem like enough vegetables in a meal for me. So, I omitted the red pepper, and added green beans, carrots, and summer squash. I had about 3 cups of green beans, which I par-cooked for about 3 minutes in some boiling water. I chopped up about 3 small carrots into very small pieces. And I had 2 small round summer squash from my garden which I cut into medium sized pieces.

I mixed up the curry sauce, and then started the tofu as the recipe says, though I think I didn’t squeeze enough water out of the tofu so it didn’t brown well. Next time I will really squeeze on the tofu to get more water out. Then I added the carrots and squash, and cooked that for about 5 minutes. Then I added the spinach and wilted it a little bit, then put in the sauce and the green beans. After that came to a boil, I tasted it, and realized that 1 teaspoon of the red curry paste was not nearly enough, and added about another whole teaspoon. Honestly, it could have used even more. I also needed to add more salt.

I think next time along with squeezing the tofu more I will also add some garlic and ginger to the tofu and vegetables. I also will probably add a bit of lime juice, coconut milk can make food taste a bit flat and I think some citrus might help. Good recipe to use as a starting off point for future experiments. And ridiculously low in calories, so you can have something special for dessert!


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