My First Real LIVE Zumba Class!

This week I joined the YMCA, and took my first actual live Zumba class. It was really fun! I went with a friend, and having actual people around made it a much different experience. However, it did prove that the Xbox Kinect game is really excellent, because I feel like my heart gets pumping just as hard and I work up just as big a sweat when I use the Xbox game. It was very fun having new choreography to try, and I look forward to taking more Zumba classes.

The other cool thing about taking the class is that immediately following it was a beginner strength training class. It made me realize I really need to do more crunches. My stomach muscles were sore for days. This morning I went to the Y and walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, then met my friend for a bit harder strength training class. It felt like a good workout, I guess I’ll know by how sore I am when I wake up tomorrow…and maybe the next day too.

My friends and I are still doing our hiking, every Tuesday and Thursday morning. We are now doing a 4.2 mile hike, and my Fitbit says that it is about 79 flights of stairs up. All I know is that it is a heck of a long trek up the hill.

My motivation now is to see how much farther I can take this, how much more I can do, how high a level of fitness I can eventually achieve. I figure that is a motivation that doesn’t necessarily have any end in sight, which is a good one to have. Every time I go with my kids to the park and run around with a soccer ball with them I feel so much joy and accomplishment. I rejoice in each new thing I can do.


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