50 Pounds!

Wow…today I am down 50 pounds from when I started. Almost half way there–total I want to lose is now about 105-110 pounds.  I feel so good, and super motivated still. This doesn’t feel like a big effort anymore, it just feels like a way of life. I love being active, and exercising. I really like the food I’m eating, I don’t feel like I’m suffering or depriving myself at all. I still think it may be harder with winter coming, but I am sure I will get through it.

Today, my husband worked from home and he was talking about taking a walk. So we went together for the hike I’ve been doing with my friends, and it was lovely to be out there together, and able to share being active.

I finally tried out a gym this week, I went to our local YMCA with a friend, and it was really good. We went on some of the cardio equipment, and took a strength training class. I can see how joining a gym will work into my current exercise plan. The other thing I realized is one of the parts I kind of hate about the gym are the showers, but there is no reason I can’t just get back into my car all sweaty and stinky and just drive home and shower. It doesn’t have to be a big deal. I think that is one of my biggest efforts in this, to just keep things from becoming a big deal, and therefore demotivating.

I’ve decided to put jogging on hold for a while. I was starting to feel a bit of tinges in my knee, and the worst thing would be to injure myself now and have to slow down on my activity level. I can get plenty of cardio in other ways, no need to keep jogging just to prove I can. I’ve already done that.


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  1. Awesome, Ruth!

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