To Join a Gym or Not…That is the Question…

I’ve been thinking for awhile about whether or not to join a gym. It may sound kind of silly, but I’m almost afraid to do it. In the past when I have joined a gym I would attend for a few weeks or months, and then start making excuses not to go. What I’m doing right now is working, so I’m afraid to change things and add an obstacle in my path, i.e., having to get out the door to the gym. However, I feel like I should be doing some kind of strength training, plus some of things I’ve been doing (jogging, hiking) will be harder in the winter when the rains start. I might even be in good enough shape at this point where I wouldn’t feel embarrassed to attend classes. Is exercising and being active enough a part of lifestyle now that I won’t return to my bad habits? I hope that is the case, but I wonder if I will ever have complete confidence in that fact.

Of course the other obstacle is deciding which gym to join. There are a number of choices around here, and they all seem like they have pros and cons. How to make the decision?


2 responses to “To Join a Gym or Not…That is the Question…

  1. A gym sounds like a good plan for the rainy season. If you go into it thinking on that level and giving yourself a ‘deadline’ of ending it when the rains abate, you can have the best of both, seasonally

  2. You are a social person, so you might enjoy the social aspect of going to classes, etc. But if it is only strength training you think you need the gym for, you don;t. Body weight strength training is an excellent form of weight training (ha! pun!) – pushes ups, Tricep dips, plank, lunges, squats are all excellent moves that don’t require additional weights. You can get pilates and yoga DVDs that trust me – will challenge you.

    I knew I had to join a gym because I needed to get out of the house, since I work from home. i enjoy the variety of classes and meet new people, so that’s cool for me.

    If you have several in the area, be picky. Ask to visit at various times. See if you can get a week long pass. My gym has a modesty policy, for example, so I am not intimated with sweet young things in ultra short shorts and bikini tops, nor distracted by Mr. Hunky Muscle in a muscle shirt. Many gyms now have a “women’s only” section with weights and equipment, too.

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