Camping and Hiking

I had a lovely Labor Day weekend, camping with friends at a campground less than an hour from my house, but still in the middle of redwood trees. It was beautiful and very relaxing. My kids loved it, and my husband tolerated it. It was the first time in about 3 months that I didn’t log any of my food in MyFitnessPal. I didn’t even have my phone on the entire weekend. I was still able to make wise decisions while eating, and we took some hikes…though not very strenuous, it was still exercise. I treated myself to a s’more on our last night camping…yum… And, came home to good news on the scale. It was nice to see that I could just live my life without all the logging and tracking, and still be successful.

This morning I went on a very strenuous, long, hilly, fast hike with two of my friends. It was great to get outside while it is still summer, and to be able to have a social component to my exercise. Plus, the friend who was leading the way set a really good pace which made me push myself just enough. We now have a regular-ish schedule for hiking, which I’m very happy for. While I still love Zumba, I needed to shake things up and have different exercise choices in my repertoire. Now I have Zumba, jogging, and hiking. What other exercises do people enjoy?


2 responses to “Camping and Hiking

  1. Bikram yoga šŸ™‚

  2. Biking. Yoga. Pilates. Weight training. The combo of yoga and weight training has been shown to be just as effective for weight loss as strictly cardio. Obviously, it’s preferable to do a variety of exercise.

    Play with the kids, swim (my next challenge), even cleaning house counts! So I think the approach of “just stay active” is the key.

    Maybe you could start “training” for a triathlon? I put that in quotes because you seem to do well with goals and you wouldn’t have to actually enroll in one….since you’ve achieved the 5k (congrats – I haven’t been able to progress beyond week 2 due to various injuries), if you mix in other related goals like swimming, biking, it might make it more interesting for you.

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