Couch to 5K Week 9! And I Jogged 5K!

So, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, I jog slow. Very very slow. As in, not really faster than a really fast walking pace. And I really don’t care, because I am jogging, which for me is amazing! My current motto, which I saw on Facebook, is “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Anyhow, I have been doing this Couch to 5K program, which gets you from jogging in very short intervals, about a minute at a time, to jogging for 30 minutes straight at the end of 9 weeks. Now, I guess for some people that 30 minutes is supposed to have them jogging a 5K. This was not the case for me. In 30 minutes, I was jogging just over 2 miles. Since a 5K is 3 miles, I was falling quite a bit short. I just figured I’d keep doing it past the last week of the program, trying to add a bit of time each jog, and maybe getting a little faster as weeks went by. Maybe. I mapped out a 3 mile route, and was walking the rest of the route after my jog.

This morning, I seriously didn’t want to jog. I’m not sure why. I’m almost done with the program, I’m certainly not giving up now. I was just tired and grumpy, I guess. I dragged my ass out the door and started jogging anyway. Eventually I started feeling a bit better, and into the jog. There were times I actually felt good. Slow, but good. When the little voice in my ear, Mia (from the Chubby Jones Couch25K podcasts) told me I could stop jogging after 30 minutes, I just kept going. I thought to myself I was just going to see how much longer I could go before walking. Then, when I was still going a few blocks later, I though I’d see if I could actually finish the 5K. And I did! I am so proud of myself, and so jazzed. Who cares that it takes me about 50 minutes to jog a 5K–yep, I really am THAT slow–I did it! Go me!


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