And…I’m Back to Blogging!

I’m not going to go into a long reason why I wasn’t blogging…I went on vacation so I stopped, and never started again. That’s pretty much it. The good news is, I haven’t strayed from my new fitness and eating routines! I am now 40 pounds down, and feeling great. I am still using Zumba, but not as often. I am doing Couch to 5K three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’m currently on Week 8. I usually am doing Zumba the other 4 days of the week, although on Tuesday this week I did a Kettlebell DVD and a shorter Zumba class. If you haven’t seen Kettlebell, I suggest you do a search for it on YouTube. It is strength training and cardio combined, I really like it.

Today I took a hike with a friend of mine. It was so nice to be social and get exercise at the same time. I bought a Fitbit during the time away from the blog, it is a sort of pedometer that syncs up online, and it is great for keeping track of how much exercise I am getting when I do things like walks, without needing to wear my heart rate monitor. It is integrated with My Fitness Pal, so it shows up as calories burned in my food journal.

I am going to try to get into regular blogging again, it really is helpful for motivation, and to keep my mind on the path ahead.


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