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Couch to 5K Week 9! And I Jogged 5K!

So, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, I jog slow. Very very slow. As in, not really faster than a really fast walking pace. And I really don’t care, because I am jogging, which for me is amazing! My current motto, which I saw on Facebook, is “No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch.”

Anyhow, I have been doing this Couch to 5K program, which gets you from jogging in very short intervals, about a minute at a time, to jogging for 30 minutes straight at the end of 9 weeks. Now, I guess for some people that 30 minutes is supposed to have them jogging a 5K. This was not the case for me. In 30 minutes, I was jogging just over 2 miles. Since a 5K is 3 miles, I was falling quite a bit short. I just figured I’d keep doing it past the last week of the program, trying to add a bit of time each jog, and maybe getting a little faster as weeks went by. Maybe. I mapped out a 3 mile route, and was walking the rest of the route after my jog.

This morning, I seriously didn’t want to jog. I’m not sure why. I’m almost done with the program, I’m certainly not giving up now. I was just tired and grumpy, I guess. I dragged my ass out the door and started jogging anyway. Eventually I started feeling a bit better, and into the jog. There were times I actually felt good. Slow, but good. When the little voice in my ear, Mia (from the Chubby Jones Couch25K podcasts) told me I could stop jogging after 30 minutes, I just kept going. I thought to myself I was just going to see how much longer I could go before walking. Then, when I was still going a few blocks later, I though I’d see if I could actually finish the 5K. And I did! I am so proud of myself, and so jazzed. Who cares that it takes me about 50 minutes to jog a 5K–yep, I really am THAT slow–I did it! Go me!


The Journey So Far

My kids went back to school this past week, and I saw a lot of friends who hadn’t seen me all summer. It was wonderful getting so many compliments on how I am looking so far, very nice reinforcement…especially when people comment on how healthy I am looking, not just on the weight loss. What struck me today was how many people commented on what hard work it must have been to lose the weight. I just went ahead and agreed with them, but I realized today that in my mind, the weight loss is not really where the hard work lies. The hard work has been in changing my lifestyle. The weight loss is just a side benefit of that. I have been working to transform myself from a person who dreads any bit of exercise, even walking to the park, into a person who thinks Zumba is great fun, and is even starting to look forward to jogging. I have been working to transform myself from a person who eats when she is bored, who eats until she is stuffed, who chooses to eat more pasta when she wants more food, and puts no real thought into the damage the food she is eating could cause her, into a person who eats when she is hungry, eats only until satisfied, eats extra veggies if she is still hungry after finishing her meal, and thinks about how each food she eats can aid her in being a healthier person.

Going by these criteria, the hard work has already been done. This is my life now, I am a person who enjoys exercising regularly, and who is conscious of the foods I eat. The weight comes off because I do these things, and beyond that I am already seeing the benefits of my new lifestyle. I have so much more energy, I have less aches and pains, I enjoy playing and running around with my kids, and I would rather go for a long walk with a friend than meet for coffee. It could be a bit of work to continue this through the winter, as my husband and I both seem to have a bit of seasonal affective disorder, and we get grumpy and lazy in the wintertime. My belief, however, is that these habits are already so ingrained, that it would feel odd to not exercise, and would be strange for me to stop tracking what I am eating. I may still be in the middle of my journey to being a healthier person, but I feel like I have already succeeded.


Just dipped under 200 pounds this week, for the first time in…well, I honestly don’t know how long, but probably almost 15 years. And it was a brief journey there last time, brought about by very unhealthy eating after my divorce. Now at 40 pounds lost, about 65 to go! My plan is to never see the two-hundreds again.

And…I’m Back to Blogging!

I’m not going to go into a long reason why I wasn’t blogging…I went on vacation so I stopped, and never started again. That’s pretty much it. The good news is, I haven’t strayed from my new fitness and eating routines! I am now 40 pounds down, and feeling great. I am still using Zumba, but not as often. I am doing Couch to 5K three days a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and I’m currently on Week 8. I usually am doing Zumba the other 4 days of the week, although on Tuesday this week I did a Kettlebell DVD and a shorter Zumba class. If you haven’t seen Kettlebell, I suggest you do a search for it on YouTube. It is strength training and cardio combined, I really like it.

Today I took a hike with a friend of mine. It was so nice to be social and get exercise at the same time. I bought a Fitbit during the time away from the blog, it is a sort of pedometer that syncs up online, and it is great for keeping track of how much exercise I am getting when I do things like walks, without needing to wear my heart rate monitor. It is integrated with My Fitness Pal, so it shows up as calories burned in my food journal.

I am going to try to get into regular blogging again, it really is helpful for motivation, and to keep my mind on the path ahead.