Favorite Healthy Snacks…or “Mini Meals”

I’ve been working hard to eat less at each meal, and then have healthy snacks, or mini meals, in between meals. I’ve been trying to come up with good snacks that have protein and usually some vegetable or fruit. Here’s some I’ve come up with so far:

  • Carrots & hummus
  • Nonfat Greek yogurt mixed with salsa verde (I love the one from Trader Joe’s), cucumber cut into “chips” to dip
  • Nuts – my current favorites are almonds and pistachios. Need to be really careful with portion control on these though, so I almost always weigh them
  • String cheese stick and fruit
  • Spinach bolanigarlic mint cheese, cilantro pesto, sliced tomato – these might be hard to find in other areas, they are from a local Afghan food maker

Anyone have any other suggestions?


2 responses to “Favorite Healthy Snacks…or “Mini Meals”

  1. Here are some more snack suggestrons:
    Fruit (strawberries, half a mango, banana) with non-fat yogurt
    2 or 3 cashew crunches (we use the Kirkland ones from Costco)

  2. I know it’s not apple season, but once it’s fall again, my favorite go-to snack is a sliced apple with a little peanut butter on it. It is The Perfect Food. 🙂 I’ve even had it for dinner on the nights when the kids are at Dad’s and I’m too tired to cook.

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