Veggie Omelet = Yum!

Made a veggie omelet with an egg, a bit of milk, a slice of havarti, the leftover mushrooms and summer squash from last night’s dinner, and a tomato. It was so good, the perfect lunch for a cloudy day.


So, yesterday I posted that I hadn’t gained any weight from my splurge on Friday night. Last night I was wondering out loud with my husband whether it would show up that fast, since food takes a while to get broken down and used by your body. Was there a chance that all that food hadn’t gotten “processed” yet? I think I got my answer today, as the scale went up 1/2 pound when I weighed in this morning.  Since I had a great day yesterday, I can only think that it is from Friday night. I am more intrigued by that than demotivated. I’ll just keep on keeping on, and I know I’ll be losing again soon. That confidence in myself is a new, and great, feeling.


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