On Splurging

Last night, some friends took both of our kids for a sleepover with their kids. If you are a parent, you know what a rare treat it is to have kids out of the house for the night. My husband and I took the opportunity to go into the city (San Francisco, that is) for drinks and dinner. There is a ban on foie gras starting in California on July 1, and my husband wanted to bid it farewell. We stopped first for drinks at A16, and I had a glass of wine and hubby and I shared a salumi platter, because our dinner reservations were still over an hour away, and he loves cured meat.

After our drinks, we walked around a bit more, then went to dinner at Isa. They do shared small plates, so we had the foie gras (of course), then scallops (perfectly cooked and yummy), mushroom risotto (I love risotto and mushrooms), duck (sooooo good), and green beans–which they of course called haricots verts. It was a wonderful meal.

Did all of this fit into my usual calorie counting? It absolutely didn’t…I didn’t even bother trying to count it. Was it totally worth the extra calories, and maybe taking an extra day or so to reach my goal weight? Oh yeah, it definitely was. It was a lovely, special dinner out with my honey. How could that not be worth it? It seems like as long as you view losing weight as a long term goal, then an occasional (key word) splurge shouldn’t throw you off track. Enjoy it, then move on.


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