Chicken, Purple Potatoes, and Lots! Of Veggies

Tonight’s might be the most colorful dinner we’ve ever made. First, I made an herb paste with basil, thyme and sage from the garden and some garlic, salt and pepper, and put it under the skin of chicken legs which my husband cooked on the grill. I took the skin off after it was cooked, but made sure to keep the herb paste.

He also grilled some purple potatoes from our farm share (we get our share from Live Earth Farms, it is wonderful). I sautéed some mushrooms (king, shitake, and cremini), then some summer squash (green from the garden and yellow from the farm share), and then some broccoli. I also cut up some raw carrots and put out cherry tomatoes. I think if anyone asked me advice about trying to lose weight, I would say “learn to love your veggies.” With all these different delicious veggies as part of my dinner, I don’t feel deprived at all having a smaller serving of protein and starch. And just look at how beautiful it all looks on the plate!

After splurging last night (see previous post), I had a really great day today, right back with my normal habits. Ate good healthy food, did my Zumba. And when I stepped on the scale today, it hadn’t moved at all. This is not normally good news, but after last night I would say it is great.


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