The Best Laid Plans…

My husband’s new job starts next Monday, and the kids don’t have any camp this week, so we are spending a lovely week at home as a family. Today we decided to go into the city (San Francisco, that is) for the day. I had this wonderful idea that we would take a family walk around Crissy Field before going into the Exploratorium. I figured that way, even though I didn’t have time for Zumba today, I could still get some exercise in. Now, if you have kids, this will sound very familiar. We get to Crissy Field, this beautiful stretch of beach with views of the Golden Gate Bridge, and we start walking. The kids are in good moods for about 5 minutes. Then they start in with the whining…the sun is too bright, the wind is too strong, their legs are tired, etc., etc. We are stopping every few minutes to deal with the latest complaint. At one point, my daughter sits down on a bench and refuses to walk any further. I finally have to use the threat, “We won’t go to the Exploratorium at all if you can’t behave for this walk!” We got as far as I could convince the kids to go, and turned around to walk back…then, of course, the kids are laughing, having a great time, and running (seriously!). We all had fun at the Exploratorium at least, playing with the various hands-on exhibits. We even ran into my son’s science teacher who was there attending a workshop.

The Exploratorium’s cafe had a salad bar, so I got to eat a healthy lunch to make up for today’s lack of exercise. It’s times like this I really like using MyFitnessPal to track my calories. It is all just a balancing act, less exercise means less calories out, so it should also mean less calories in for that day.

Dinner tonight was grilled teriyaki skirt steak (pre-marinated by the grocery store), some more of my homemade grilled flatbread, grilled summer squash from my garden, carrots (also from my garden) and cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes were from the farmer’s market because all of my tomatoes are still sadly green.


I sliced the squash about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick, then sprayed it with olive oil spray from Trader Joe’s, and sprinkled it with some salt and lots of pepper. My husband grilled it for about 5-7 minutes a side.

 Here’s something that bothers me…the olive oil spray says it has zero calories in a 1/3 second spray…so how many calories in a spray long enough to coat the squash? It is oil, it obviously doesn’t have zero calories if you keep spraying the stuff. I wonder how many people get those sprays and think that is exactly what it means, that no matter how much you spray you still are eating zero calories?

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