Brunch with Friends

Yesterday some friends called to let us know they were visiting from out of town, and we invited them over for brunch this morning. We had pancakes and bacon. I had yogurt and fruit on my pancake, but it still wasn’t the healthiest breakfast. To make up for it I had a pretty low calorie lunch–I made an open-faced sandwich with Spinach Bolani, some Garlic Mint Cheese (made with low-fat yogurt), roasted bell peppers from Trader Joe’s, lettuce, and tomato.

After they left, I still did my 65 minutes of Zumba on the Xbox, even though it was not when I usually did it in my routine. It is definitely easier to do it right after breakfast, before I’ve showered, than trying to add it in at other times, but I was proud of myself for doing it anyway. And, another 1/2 pound down on the scale this morning!

I was feeling hungry about an hour before dinner, and was trying to just wait until dinnertime. Then I realized that is one reason I overeat, I let myself get too hungry before the next meal. So, I grabbed an apricot and munched on it while cooking. I always have to remind myself, it isn’t helpful to go hungry when I am surrounded with fresh fruits and vegetables.


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