The Calorie Counter Lies

The calorie counter in Zumba Fitness Rush completely and totally lies. And I knew it did, since it was telling me I was burning 1400 calories in a 65 minute workout, which really just didn’t seem possible. My husband and I bought a Wahoo Fitness Run/Gym Pack heart rate monitor for our iPhones. It’s a pretty cool gadget, it has a chest band with the heart rate pickups, and then a little dongle that fits in your iPhone to receive the signal. Then you can use it with a long list of apps. I’m just using the Wahoo Fitness app, my husband wants to use it with the MapMyHike app.

Anyway, I tried it today…and the workout that was telling me I had burned about 1400 calories? The heart rate monitor said I burned 500. That seems more like reality to me. Thankfully, I haven’t been basing my calories in on that amount of calories out, I’ve been trying to eat about 1600 calories a day, and a little less if I don’t work out.

On one hand, I have to admit I kind of liked the idea that I was burning a ton of calories, so I am feeling a little disappointed. However, it felt like an easier routine today, so maybe I’ll burn a bit more on some of the harder ones. And I need to remind myself that the exercise isn’t as much about losing weight for me–though of course that’s part of it–it’s about getting healthy and having more energy for my family. And I am losing weight at a pretty good speed, any faster probably wouldn’t be healthy. All the experts recommend 1 to 1 1/2 pounds per week, and right now I’m averaging at least 2 1/2 pounds (in fact, another 1/2 pound down today!). So no matter how many calories Zumba actually burns, it is working really well. That’s what matters, really. Even if it is a liar.


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