A Lesson in Procrastinating

Today is a hot one in the Bay Area, it is supposed to reach a high around 90 degrees. I woke up, ate my breakfast, and was planning to do Zumba as soon as I had digested. Instead, I started fooling around switching my blog over from Blogger to WordPress…meanwhile, I didn’t even notice how warm it was getting. By the time I was done the house was already really hot. Doing Zumba when it is really warm…turns out, not as much fun. I always sweat like crazy when I do Zumba, and I’ve actually come to appreciate it. But that level of sweat was a little overboard. I feel proud that I got through the full 65 minute routine, but I have learned to really make sure I get my Zumba routine in while it is still cool in the morning.

Afterwards, I went into the pool to cool down, and learned something else. Zumba really doesn’t work my arms, but swimming sure does. I didn’t get winded doing laps like I used to, but my arms got really tired. I’ll have to add some swimming into my routine now that warm days have started.

Oh, and another 1/2 pound down this morning! Love to see the continuous progress!


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