Veggies From the Garden

I picked my first bit of harvest from the garden today, some summer squash, snow and snap peas, a bit of carrot thinnings, and basil. I used all of it in tonight’s dinner.
I made a veggie stir fry with a small amount of olive oil and the peas, squash, carrot, and a bit of garlic. The basil went into some Israeli couscous. We also had salmon and asparagus from the grill. The picture below shows what I was talking about in the last post, veggies on half the plate, meat and carbs on the other half. I had a little more of the veggies when I was done with what was on my plate. It was all really good. The summer squash was some of the best I’ve ever had, so glad that I am growing it and there should be lots more over the summer!

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