20 Pounds!

Today I hit the official 20 pounds lost mark! Woohoo! Still feeling really good, and motivated. I keep worrying I will lose my motivation, but no problems yet. Did my usual 65 minutes of Zumba on the Xbox this morning, and hit an endorphin high on the 2nd to last song. Found myself dancing harder and smiling while I was doing it. How cool is that?

Yummy lunch today, I sautéed some swiss chard and garlic, and added some tomato right at the end. Then fried an egg in a little olive oil and put it on top. So good, and tons of veggies. And yes, a whole egg, none of this egg white only BS. The yoke is tasty, and in moderation not bad for you. I do get eggs as part of my farm share, so I think they are higher in nutrients than grocery store eggs.

Another thing I’m trying to do is not spend so much time sitting on my butt. Just getting up to do housework, or work in my garden, is better than sitting around on Facebook for hours. And, on that note, I should probably stop blogging and go do some laundry.


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