Lunch Out and Whole Wheat Flat Bread on the Grill

Today was the last day my husband and I had to ourselves–he is between jobs–before the kids are done with school. We went out to a new place for lunch, and I was happy to find lots of stuff on the menu that I could eat guilt free. We shared an heirloom tomato caprese salad, and I had mussels as my entree. So good and very low calorie.

Super hot here today, so our goal was to cook most of dinner on the grill. We had a butterflied chicken, broccoli, some heirloom tomato, and whole wheat flat bread, made with dough made from the recipe in Artisan Pizza and Flatbread in Five Minutes a Day. I pushed garlic, rosemary from the garden, and some olive oil into the crust after rolling it out. It turned out great! Even the kids liked it, with some butter on it of course.

Did the full length Zumba class this morning (65 minutes), lost another 1/2 pound even after eating with friends for dinner last night. Every day of success helps me believe I can really do this thing. I’m just hoping that the less successful days–which I’m sure will happen–don’t completely ruin my resolve. One day, one pound at a time.


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