Zumba Ripped DVD

I tried the Zumba Ripped DVD for the first time today. It uses Zumba Toning Sticks–basically 1 pound weights that sound like maracas–along with a chair and your own body mass to add strength training to the Zumba dance routines. I could really feel the leg and butt exercises most of all. The 1 pound sticks were a bit light, so I might order some heavier sticks from Zumba. I didn’t enjoy it as much as doing Zumba on the Xbox, however I certainly liked it more than standard weight training, so I will probably add it to my routine at least once a week to start, and try to build to twice a week. In the Fall, Zumba is supposed to be coming out with another Kinect game that works the abs, so that might be another good choice for strength training.

We had French Toast for breakfast (yum!). I had mine with nonfat yogurt and jarred peaches (from Trader Joe’s) rather than butter and syrup. So good, and I didn’t feel at all deprived. Even so, not exactly a low calorie breakfast, so I’ll make sure I have a lighter lunch (probably a salad), and we are having dinner at a friend’s house so I’ll have to watch myself tonight. My downfall is always the appetizers, so I’m bringing along some veggies and hummus to share.

Scale was down another pound this morning. I was debating again whether it was a good idea to weigh myself every day, and found this blog post. Isn’t it amazing that no matter how we feel about something, we can find somebody else on the internet who completely supports our view, and can then decide we were right all along? Either way, weighing every day is working for me. Days the scale goes down I feel happy and motivated to keep going the way I’m going, and days the scale doesn’t go down I feel motivated to work harder the next day to make sure I see a change. It was a little hard about a month ago when the scale didn’t move for a week, but I made it through then so I am hopeful I can do it again if needed.


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