Trying Not to Beat Myself Up

Just got back from a fun evening, had dinner with my son’s best friend’s family to celebrate their son’s birthday…was that confusing? Anyway, I think I ate pretty well, controlled my portions, but still can’t help thinking about each thing I ate and analyzing whether I should have not had this or that thing. To me, that seems like the worst thing I can do, I’ll just psych myself into giving up if I make myself crazy about it all. For example, I had a really small piece of the homemade birthday cake…it was really yummy. As I said in my post about the way I’m trying to eat, I have to just consider those calories worth it, and not beat myself up about it. Easier said than done.

Last 2 days have been good though…45 minutes of Zumba yesterday, 65 today. A couple of days ago I was pondering whether 45 minutes at high intensity was better than 65 minutes at medium intensity. I realized that the Zumba game actually tells me how many calories I have burned for each workout. Though I don’t really trust the numbers it gives me–says I burn about 1400 calories for a 65 minute workout…that seems rather excessive–it does say 65 minutes at medium burns more calories than 45 at high, so I think I’ll trust that. I enjoy the medium intensity workouts more right now too, so there’s that too. Why change something that’s working? Speaking of that, another 1/2 pound down this morning! Woohoo!


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