Zumba and Another 1/2 Pound Gone

I’ve been doing the Zumba Fitness Rush Full-length Medium Intensity classes for a few weeks, so I’ve decided it is time to start stepping things up again. So, today I did the Mid-length High Intensity class. It was great! I had to work harder in the middle, definitely got very out of breath (and I’ll spare you talking about the sweat!) but wasn’t completely worn out by the end. I wonder if it is better for me to do 45 minutes at a higher intensity or 65 minutes at a middle intensity. Anyone know? The end goal is to eventually do the Full-length High Intensity class most days.

Another 1/2 pound down when I stepped on the scale today–223.5! I will admit, I am a Weigh-In Addict. I know I should probably just weigh myself once a week or so, but I figure as long as I don’t panic when the scale doesn’t go down (and even occasionally goes up) I don’t think there’s any harm. Probably.

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